Photos Over Opaque White

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Working in Indy CS.

I'm working on an unusual job, which requires printing over a foil surface. This means I have a 2X Opaque White going down first under the photos.

I've created a custom 2X Opaque White color swatch that I'm using to generate a spot plate.

My problem is that I can't seem to get the spot white to separate so that it prints under the photos. Process mixes of colors can be made to work but not the files coming directly from photoshop.

Any suggestions?

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I think you have to force the photos to overprint the 2X Opaque White colour. You can either set transparency to Multiply or turn on "Overprint" in Atribute Window. (You have to select the picture with white pointer first.) You can change the value of your 2X Opaque White colour to any visible colour (blue) and then you can control your results, just enable Overprint Preview.

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