In search of great feminine fonts

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Hi Guys,

I am currently doing a uni projet in which i am making a brochure all about how to be a man, but i am presenting it in the most feminine way possible.

I would like some expert opinions on some great feminine fonts out there, preferably designed by great female typographers.

Many thanks in advance!



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Nofret, maybe?

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Right. Anything from Gundrun Zapf-von-Hesse.

(In Berlin, Frere-Jones said he had no idea how to maka a typeface masculine or feminine

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In my opinion the epitome of femininity is script (IMO!) And Jill Bell a big name in type deisgn and I find many of her types to have a strong feminine flourish.
Also not designed by a woman... but i have always felt that Gill's Joanna is a very feminine face, if you need something for text... or there's ITC's Leawood....

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Linotype's new Pirouette and Samba are both very femine-looking, IMO, although they were both designed by men.

In fact, if we want to cross-reference with the Women in Type thread running in General Discussions right now, I think that most of the ITDC 2003's winning fonts* look femine

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didot elder

wondering why nobody post zuzana licko

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Hey guys, i queried my cousin and found out about zuzana licko :-).

Thanks all for your help, i have decided to go with Gudrun Zapf-Von Hesse's Diotima. Works well with what i am trying to do.

Thanks all again!



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Part of the problem with this question is that it is highly subjective. In some ways, those typefaces with a bent towards the humanist are feminine and those that are bent towards geometric are masculine. Oh wait, what about grotesk. Perhaps Grotesk can fall in between, switch hitters so-to-speak depending upon how they are used. But then again all three styles could be either or depending upon how they are used. And what of typefaces like Meta?

Metro, Gill, Parisine (Clair) --> More Feminine
Futura, Gotham,

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Are you looking for display or text type or both?

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