Typeface usage! Need help!

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The query is related to the Helvetica typeface. Normally, Helvetica comes as a default typeface on both PCs and MACs. Though Helvetica comes as a default, it is not licensed ( for e.g, arial comes packaged with windows hence there are no restrictions on its usage). Therefore, what do I do if i have to recommend Helvetica as a typeface to the client. Do I ask them to buy it for use in their communications or can they use it freely?

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The default Helvetica is not recommended for design work. It’s just a default type for many application surfaces and printers.
As a corporate typeface you should use Helvetica Neue (wich gives you also a wider choice of weights).

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Helvetica does not come as default on Windows computers.

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What if Helvetica/or Helvetica Neue is not available on the client's machines? do we recommended them to buy it? Or do we just give it to them to use it (would that be illegal)?

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Design guidelines usually have one set of rules for designers, another for inhouse use. The latter often specifying a typeface that is available cross platform. In your case the natural fallback would be Arial, as neither Helvetica nor Helvetica Neue is bundled with Windows or MS Office.

Giving them the typeface is illegal, so designers should purchase a license.

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