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so I'm working on this here serif family called "Dusseldorf"... the regular weight is 95% done but I've been working on a bold / slab-type weight for it as well:

Dusseldorf Slab
does anything look wrong or distracting? I'm just not sure of it as a whole.

thanks for any advice,


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here is the regular weight for comparison.

Dusseldorf Roman

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I love these.. :-)
Andrew, I think that the slab serif one is great..

Its about time for some bigger ( and bolder ) pixel types..

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Pretty cool - yeah, I like large bitmaps too. Upto about 22 they actually make fine sense.

Is there a reason the Bold is 1 pixel taller?

In the Bold, the "k" and especially the "r" need work.


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very nice! the only thing i would change would be to add serifs to the descenders of p and q. but that's just a stylistic change, so take it or leave it. keep up the good work!

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thanks for the replies!

hrant - I have been worried that the 1 px difference presents a usage problem, but this was the cleanest way to create an accurate slab version of the regular weight.

I'm also working on a more 'proper' bold with the same height as the regular.

also, yes the 'k' and the '2' are definitely presenting problems - 3px wide diagonals are too thick, 2px are too thin.

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Reminds me Garadot. A Lot.


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garadot reminds me a lot of an aliased garamond at 19pt.

this is based on baskerville, utopia, "treasury of alphabets and lettering" by jan tschichold, and my own sensibility.


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