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My latest type design and first MyFonts release is called Raniscript. The name was inspired by some images of vintage matchbook designs advertising the Flying Rani. Raniscript is based on a ronde style script, but with some contemporary touches. It comes fully loaded with contextual alternates, swashes, case sensitive punctuation, and a set of caps that are designed for caps only settings.



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Very, very nice Stephen. The lower case is beautiful and the caps are perfect.


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Congratulations Stephen,

This is a valuable contribution to the world of type.

I really like your two story lowercase e and your alternate d and h.

Very cool!!!

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Congrats, Stephen. Really nice!

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Congrats too, Stephen.

LGreta typeface - leisure, cool and readable at the same time.


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Very nice
(I think that c and h need to get a room! ;-)

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Thanks. It was a very fun project.

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nice upright!!

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Nice job. Give it up!

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Congratulations! I really like your double f in Coffee. Well done.

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Nice work Stephen :) I love the swashed alternates in the lowercase and ornaments!

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Raniscript is way up there on the MyFonts Rising Stars list!

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Thanks everybody. I appreciate the feedback.

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