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This is a group dedicated to christ. I made a 4 leaf icon which makes a cross in the center. used neo tech which I modified a little. Let me know what you think

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Interesting. It feels rather fresh and definitely not "dusty", which religious groups don't often manage to do (to my perception at least).
That said, it also feels surprisingly cold, techy and corporate (and a bit Web 2.0), mostly because of the type (and type color). "Thrive" is a great name – hmm, it would seem to warrant a little more movement, a little more liveliness – the premise of [inner] growth, a bit of sparkle* and joy and life, no? At the moment it seems a bit… dead. The absence of the tittle doesn't help.
(* You do have a bit of that in the leaf/cross mark, which I think is quite nice.)

It would be cool to learn a little more about this group. Is it a "real-life" community? Or an online thing? What are common activities, goals? Do you feel the "tone" of the logo matches what they do, how they work?

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I really like the type with an exception of V's bend. The inner curve is too sharp IMO.

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The mark is very nice. The type could be explored further. Needs more personality to keep it from being cold and 'techy' as altaira said. The crossbar and foot on the 't' are too thin and yes, the 'i' needs its tittle.


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Isn't thrive the name of a chewing gum?

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I think the typeface is quite attractive, and the i doesn't need a tittle in my opinion, as it would ruin the pure look of it a bit (however, it would make it more dynamic, which is desired). I think the symbol is wonderful, but very cold indeed. I would probably use that symbol but add some sparkles around it in a dynamic composition (but don't make a sparkle-cloud), and change the color from emerald to orange/yellow, and position the symbol centered above the text.

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