Which "a" do you prefer?

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Hey y'all -

Do you prefer a single-story, handwritten kind of "a"?
Or a double-decker, typographic style "a"?

I'm working on an update to my old Mingler font.

It's been used in pizza commercials and ads for a
few years now, but now I get to give it a facelift
and re-issue it at my site soon.

I wanna change the "a" and I could kinda go either.

But I'm wondering, which do you like better?


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I prefer the roman double decker. The cursive one looks a bit like an o at small sizes. And the double decker looks more funky.

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Double decker.

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Yeah, the two-story a seems to fit the style more, IMHO.

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I'm with Bendy (plus, you can always offer an alternate).

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