Alternate to House Industries Coop?

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We're currently working on an online game, and wanted to use House Industries' Coop. However, due to their licensing we can't afford it. Can someone recommend a similar style collection? We really like the "toon" feel to Coop, and how it's not over the top.


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You might find something that works listed in the Retro Section at Font Bros.
Or from Breaking the Norm.
Or from Veer looking at fonts listed from the era of the 50s.

Did you call House about your project? If I were doing something that were more extensive I'd always call and not necessarily go by what is listed on the site.

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perfect! thanks a lot!

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Mike, have you asked the kool kidz at House to swing you a deal? Or are you just going by book rates? (I wouldn’t, at least not for an application like this one.)

Joe Clark

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