ReType releases 'Lavigne Display'

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'Lavigne Display' is the first release of a type-family aimed at publications such as interior design and women magazines—anywhere a touch of distinction is to be desired. In the opinion of its designer, glossy magazines have been boring us with the same type families for years, with only a small group of fonts being used to denote refinement and sophistication.

The philosophy behind 'Lavigne' is to achieve the high contrast and other refinements observed in classic 'modern serif' typefaces, without borrowing too much from history. Accordingly, the main source of inspiration, was careful observation of pointed-pen calligraphy and sketching.
'Lavigne' is planned as an ambitious family with 2 main divisions, Display and Text. The range will cover every type-hierarchy required in modern magazine design.

The six distinct styles in the Display version are published in OpenType format, featuring small caps and four sets of numbers (proportional old style, tabular old style, proportional lining and tabular lining), as well as matching currency symbols.

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Looovely. One beautiful typeface. Especially love the 'a', love the 's', love the '&'.
(Okay, maybe I should make the 'love' a 'like', it looks waaay too emotional, otherwise. ;)

(Saw it already mentioned on Twitter, and of course I had to 'retweet' it.)

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Thanks, mate. :)


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Wonderful font. But the Myfonts link on your site takes you to "Tomate" :-)


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Thanks... I am running to fix it.

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Very nice indeed. Congratulations. I still remember when this first arrived at typophile.

Still lovely!

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What a great design! It's lovely!

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