A sensible script - please help!

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Hi there Typophiles.

So, here's the situation: I'm putting together an invitation for a Real estate Company for prospective sellers offering a free market appraisal or house valuation. The company in question is very well established (over 200 years) and a bit posh.

I'm looking for a nice script font which is traditional and a bit posh without being old-fashioned or screaming wedding (Edwardian Script, Balmoral). Legibility is very important and I would prefer if the caps wernt too fancy.

Any suggestions much appreciated

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A little more fashion? Mommie
A little more casual? Susa
A little more energetic? Mr. Dafoe

Any of these headed in the right direction?

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I'm thinking of
Good Vibrations by TypeSetit
Caratterer by TypeSetit
Dream Lover

I find these elegant, but unpretentious and legible.

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Thanks both for your suggestions; I'm feeling Caratterer may work. cheers

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