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Hi everyone

can i get your guy's opinion on an identity i am working on?
my gf and i started a line of illustration on baby onesie and toddler shirts.

here is a link to the illustrations.

and here is the identity that is accompanying that line.

i wanted something clean, simple, and will appeal to mom's
i modified and "v" and "i" in the logotype.

any comments?

…and thanks for looking and your feedbacks.


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I appreciate the concept if growth in the i's. Personally, I would maybe think twice about embedding the idea that the kids will be growing out of the clothing right in the logo. That said, should you choose to keep it ( and not be as paranoid about it as I may be ) I would suggest making it a bit more pronounced, so as to register at the first look : I only discovered it on the second or third take after thinking "what's up with the i's, something is off balance".

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I agree with CGI with regards to the 'i's - I think the upright of the k interrupts the idea, leaving it looking a little unsettled.

Otherwise looks like the beginnings of a clean and modern identity - and the prints are great!

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thanks guys for your insights. I will definitely think, rethink over this.


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The growing "i"s are fun. Have you tried small caps (but keep the tittles!)?
That way you'd lose the ascenders on "k" and "d", which do seem to "interrupt" the growth process. Although it might then look even more like the "i"s (=kids) are "growing out" of the brand – maybe don't make even the last one full height?

Also: finding a more diagonal-oriented shape for the "k" might make it click with the "v"s better; and to my eye the "s" is too Helvetica-ish in comparison to the other glyphs.

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In general, I would enjoy seeing this with a more chubby font. Babies are chubby, right? Either that or find a way to add some more playful ness. Right now it kind of reminds me of something tech-y or futuristic or web related. (vaio comes to mind for some reason). I do like the arms of the k, but I think it's ascender is breaking the flow. I definitely didn't see the growing i's until my 2nd or 3rd look.
PS - cute onesies!

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i could be way off, but...

since i didn't see the growing of the I people at first glance either, maybe try using a serif italic i in combination with the sans?

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oh sorry to double post but i also agree it's not playful enough

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The concept of the growing i is nice, but it's not well executed. I actually had a feeling there was an error in the logo, being that the first i was just way too short which makes the V's look like capital letters even though they're not bigger than the rest of the letters. This puts the whole logo out of balance. If it weren't for that "error", I probably wouldn't have noticed the growing i's. It has potential, but you're not quite there yet.

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