Branding font - any suggestions?

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I am working on a logo for a client, and they want a look of a branded piece of wood - meaning that there company name would be burned (branded) into the wood, like on a wood barrel.

Any suggestions of good fonts for this?

Thanks in advance!

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What type of company is it? I would use a different font for BBQ sauce than I would for western wear.

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Great question, I should have clarified. It is a restaurant, that focuses on grilled food. I am branding them in a "big shoulders of Chicago" feel. Think of Chicago in the 40's, but not going for the nostalgic "saloon" feel.

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i'm sure you can pretty much choose any face you like, make a nice clean design and then rough it up in photoshop or maybe even illustrator. i don't know of any particular fonts that look like something that's been branded but there are tons of grunge fonts that might have that kind of look.

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You might try looking at Sodom, Gomorrah, and/or Goshen from Chank/BLINCtype. They look branded just sitting on the page. Aquacia from Joe Coniglio also looks like something you'd see burned into the side of a barrell.

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What if you ... and this is more or less a crazy idea ... but what if you typeset it in something from that era, and then laid that onto some wood and then with a hand held wood burner (the kind you can get at a craft store) you burned the letters into the wood and then photographed that? Or get a brand made with your typefaces. There must be something available like that. If you use a bold enough sans and a hard/white enough wood it would be easy to photograph.

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