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Hello people,

I've been working on an arabic typeface and everything was fine until suddenly our beloved Fontlab started exporting the font corrupted. It makes some characters appear and reappear when I use it in indesign.

My encodings are corrected coz I have used it before, and had no problem.

Would anyone by any chance know what's going on and how can I solve this?

Thanks in Advance

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You might try various types of generating, exporting, and importing to see if you can strip the offending portion of code.

As a last resort, you could export your vectors and then re-import them, and then re-do all the info and metrics.

Or maybe it is the format. Have you tried generating different formats?

While it's true that your font "works", it sounds like it has a bug.

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What exactly do you mean by 'appear and disappear'?

If you mean that some glyphs are showing up blank, this often indicates a problem with the interaction between your hinting and the start-point of your paths. Try relocating all start-points to the bottom left-hand corner and then rehinting the font.


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Hey guys,
Thanks for your suggestions,
It turns out since the font is a kind of pixel font, I had to uncheck the "use subroutines to compress outlines in the CFF table" from the preferences panel. Don't ask why :S

A friend had the same problem once...




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