Problems generating PS1 fonts with FL

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Hi there,

I was a couple of days puzzle with a problem generating
fonts in Fontlab. I believe that isn't weel explained
in the FL manual.

If I generate a PS1 mac font having the encondings
selected in "Names" mode (and Macintosh Roman)) the
resulting font doesn't have well arranged all the
characters: for example, the greek symbols and so on
(only are OK the basic alphabetic symbols, A-Z a-z and
marks, etc).

That was bothering me a lot, cause I wanted to put some
ligatures in the place of some greek letters (and appel
symbol)... When I tried doing it with the old good Fog
and choosing Mac encoding, the font worked well...

In the begining I thought that the problem was the
'Export prefereces' selection and I made tests using
every option there ('Select enconding automatically'
and so on).

It took me a lot of time to realize that for having the
basic PS1 mac font well done, at the moment of
generating the font in FL *the CODEPAGE MODE have to be
selected* (in Mac OS Roman, of course).

I din't find another way to get a proper PS1 font for
Mac. I don't know if I'm doing the things correctly,
but for the moment it works.

Any comment? Anyone with the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

Ramiro E.

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