Preferred version of Futura?

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I am thinking about purchasing a set of Futura.
Which foundry should I go for? What is your preferred version, and why?

I was thinking of going with a Futura Value Pack from Linotype (about $150 6 fonts in 3 weights), but then I saw the Cambridge CD set from Bitstream
and since it has a total of 200 fonts for only $199, I thought it was a great deal.

I am trying to build my font library at home for freelance projects, and Futura is a face I like to use frequently at work. I currently don't have a huge need for any special character sets, so I am leaning toward the Bitstream set since it includes many other fonts my library lacks. I wasn't sure if the price difference was simply because of the more limited character set, or if there is a quality difference between the foundries.

Thanks! I value your opinions, and any guidance you can give.

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Thanks for the links - they didn't turn up (at least not near the top) when I searched the forums for "Best Futura" Or either I am going crazy.

Does anyone have anything against the Bitstream version? I would hate to get it and then be regretful.


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Future Serie. It has small caps and old style figures.

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