Random Commercial Font I.D.

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Any ideas?

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Not this one but's closer: http://www.graphic-design-blog.com/2008/02/alwyn-font.html


I think It can be "Convection" wich is used for Xbox 360 system, but's hard to be it because is not public: http://www.ascendercorp.com/pr/2005-10-18/

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Looks a lot like FF Dax, but not quite. The 'y' for example isn't Dax at all. Close though.

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Part of the "y" that could comes from Neo Sans, rest looks like Neo Tech Pro ("a" as alternate) by Sebastian Lester... Perhaps it's the corporate version of Neo Tech for Intel...

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It's probably Neo Sans Intel.

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Martijn van Berkel

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Thanks for all the input.

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