Getting my feet wet in Typography

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I've loved typography for a while. When a company recently approached me about creating some artwork for them, I felt it was time to dive in and try my hand at it. With the job completed and submitted, and the client happy, I garnered permission to post it up for critique, and I would really like to hear what some of the more experienced out there feel about the piece.

The piece is called "Inspiration", and took me about 57 hours to complete and is over 50 layers in photoshop.

Click Here To Download Inspiration (1920x1200)

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I like it a lot, but I find the spelling errors distracting.

"oportunity" (at top left) > "opportunity" (as you have it elsewhere)
"desparation" (in a couple of places) > "desperation"



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Wow I missed that, thanks :)

Top left is spelled correctly, the O is cut off by the margin and you are seeing pportunity, the others were wrong, so thank you again!

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Has a nice feel to it. Looks like it was enjoyable to make, since it seems so organic and free. I bet it would look great in black-and-off white in addition to black and white.

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