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Hi all!

Im working on a brochure for a new ferry company that is supposed to have the fastest diesel powered ferry in the world.

The company wants to communicate the feeling of luxury and elegance, but in a more friendlier manner as opposed to high end, since the target audience is predominately locals. Its supposed to be inviting and fresh! ( I dare show u the previous brochure, u wont believe it!!)

I've come up with a few layouts in which I used Myriad Pro for the headlines and I've experimented with using Sabon MT and Aldine 401 BT for the body text ( I didn't use them together, I'm trying 2 different options)

I've included 2 spreads for you all to look at, any suggestions regarding type would be much appreciated. ive still got some tweaking to do, sorting out the orange block stripes, type treatments etc,

I also need some advice on the typeface for the tag line as what they came up with before is hideous.

The tag line is: Cruising with Nature which i will be placing at the front of the brochure. I've including 2 typefaces that are along the lines of what im looking for but not quite.

ITC Kabel BT: i like the round forms but im not too keen on the angle of the e and the the letter g.
Geometric Slabserif 712 BT: i like these letterforms because theeres something nautical/ 'travel loggy' about them.

i thought about using Garamond, but that looks too must of a classy serif.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Again i want it to look modern, elegant and inviting. The previous design had 2 graphic waves underneath the text which i might implement but in better way, the previous design was too harsh looking and the colors wrong.

thanx in advance!

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What are they using in their logo?

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their logo is extremely crap. i cant hide the fact that it is a piece of monstrosity.

It is basically a sail, but it looks more like a boomerang, with the color combo white,green and red. With the name of the company at the bottom.

Its very cheap looking. its even got that photoshop glare effect.

I dont think it a good representation of the company and doesnt encompass their ethos at all, but i cant change it, so im pretty much stuck with it and in terms of the color combo i used in the design, the logo stick out like a soar thumb!

i dont even know what type they are using, other than it adds to the ugliness.

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It's a ferry, not a cruise ship, right? So the value proposition is speed--the luxury part is just gravy. Also, since the power comes from old-school fossil fuel, "Cruising with Nature" is a bit of an oxymoron.
I think the text and the visuals ought to convey the message, You'll get to your destination sooner, and while you're waiting to get there, look at how comfortable the ride will be, with lots of nice amenities! (Coffee, wi-fi, etc.)

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Yup, its a ferry PublishingMojo, whose soul purpose is to connect the main city to small coastal regions, increase tourism etc. Along the way the view is spectacular so that is something i want to capitlize on in terms of photographs. You cant really tell but the front cover is a based on the idea of looking out of the ferry's window, if you pull the slip you will get a series of images through the window.

Any suggestions on type?

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Ah, I missed the point about the small pic being on a slider in a die-cut window. I like that idea, but suppose instead of having a blank wall around the window, you used a photo of some happy travelers enjoying their ride while they look out at the spectacular views?
Two thoughts about type. The first one is purely subjective. The Kabel and slab-serif options both look too industrial to me. I would try something a little warmer, but still elegant, like Albertus/Friz Quadrata.
The second type comment is purely practical. Travel-themed brochures are often displayed in racks at airports, car-rental offices, hotels, gift shops, etc., where the bottom half is covered up by the brochures on the next lower tier. If your ferry brochure will be distributed this way, you should put your headline at the top.

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awesome type recommendations PublishingMojo! thanx!
As i understood, the brochures will be distributed at expos on stands and possibly distributed through the mail, so yes the tagline 'Cruising with Nature' should probably go on top. I like the idea of adding a photo on the front cover, ill definately try that out.

Im putting the logo on the back due to its hideousness and blocky shape it will ruin the whole look of the front cover. Like i mentioned early it is very badly designed and i cant do anyting about it, therefore im choosing to work with the headline to grab the audiences attention.

What do u think of the typefaces for inside? Myriad Pro for subheading and Sabon for bodytext. I feel it works quite well, gives an overall clean, contemporary feel thats elegant and approachable.

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How about another humanist sans? Myriad is the standard font in Illustrator. Although it’s a great typeface, you see it everywhere. Here’s a thread with a lot of suggestions. Lisboa is one of my favourites.

Likewise, Sabon seems more appropriate for a novel. I’d look for something that doesn’t intend to be so silent.

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thanx for the suggestion and links frode frank. there seems to be some pretty good sans in there i might consider purchasing, some are way too expensive unfortunately but there are some pretty good ones at a reasonable price.

there was another list on that page for modern serifs, I thought something like whitman looks pretty neat but at this rate ive been looking at so many serifs on my hard drive everything looks the same! im going to revist tmrw.

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Let us know which sans decide to use! You probably don’t need a full family for the brochure.

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Will the brochures be self-mailers, or mailed in an envelope? Here in the States, the postal regulations are very detailed and strict about the aspect ratio of an item to be mailed, and about any irregular edges (such as the thumb cut for the slider) that could jam high-speed sorting machines. Mail pieces that don't comply with regulations must pay high postage premiums. If your brochure will be a self-mailer, research the UK postal regulations and make sure your design doesn't get your client stuck paying higher postage.

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thanks for DL on postal regulations PublishingMojo, im on it!

I just came across Ocean Sans Pro
and i think it is peeeerfect for the brochure's heading+subheadings. I was a bit skeptical when i read the name but its actually pretty good. in italic form its got a great sense of movemenent which i need to convey. again i rarely use italics cos i think it looks a bit naff, but in this case its pretty damn good.

now im deliberating whether to use a serif or sans for the body text. im thinking of using a sans serif because i think with the new headline face itll work a whole lot better and the whole page will look fresh and modern. I'm not sure tho, im stuggling to find something suitable. Any suggestions?

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Ocean Sans looks a bit like Clearface Gothic

so maybe ITC Clearface would work for your text.

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ok so im looking at ITC Serif BT as a reference, since its the only one that is as close to what i want.

Basically i really like the rounded forms and thin strokes and think it works quite well with the Ocean Sans headline typeface + plus make the overall text block night and spacious, easy to read. I dont like the sharp serifs and the cut off e tail.

Any recommendations on a similiar typeface that has softer serifs but still retains the elegance of itc serif gothic would be great. thanx

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thanx PublishingMojo, ITC Clearface looks alright but for some reason i feel like it doesnt say modern. There is somethng about all the serifs ive been trying out, it just makes the page look old. I want to communicate contemporary elegance, speed, freshness. Thats why i think maybe a san serif is a better option, or something like ITC Serif Gothic bt

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Hmmm. My own Hypatia Sans might be well suited to this, given the other typefaces you're considering, and the objectives. Both Kabel and ITC Serif Gothic were among my influences.



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typeface isn't quite as important here as imagery - you need it inviting, so i'd stick with bright photos of happy people, maybe even go out with a nice camera and get them original... warm colors are more inviting than cool ones.

as for speed, lines and dots i think would work well, and i'd experiment with a bolder sans serif font as well (just to see if it works)

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How about using something like Serpentine Italic, it gives you modern and motion in one face. It has a spur serif, but keeps the clean modern lines of most contemporary sans serif faces. And you can change a part of a letter such as the bowl or even the dot on an "i" to be something else, maybe a maple leaf or something similar, possibly even smoke coming off the "i" trailing to the left to help show motion.
Just thoughts from the cheap seats.

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Did you know MacGyver use Serpentine? :)

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No, I don't. Thanks!
Angus' a childhood hero..


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Thomas Pinney - thanx for the suggestion. Im trying to find something that doesnt have similiar serifs to ITC Serif Gothic tho, something with a smoother curve.

ishbog - i totally agree with u! photos are extremely important esp since ppl pay attention to them in brochures and not so much the words. ive sourced some great ones and will be art directing the photographer next week.

fontgeek - i feel like that font is a bit too sporty, more suitable for a sport boat than a ferry. i feel like ocean sans is alot more elegant and less geometric in comparision, more fluid. Serpentine defo has motion in it tho and u illustrative suggestions could work.

ive taken a break from the project for 2 days and will be on it again tmrw, needed a breather! will let u know what changes i make. appreciate all the suggestions and help from u guys!

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