Printing Business Cards - thin font

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I don't have a lot of experience with print. I was wondering if ITC Avant Garde thin 7pt will have trouble in the printer? I know it's specific but if you guys know the font or can compare it to something similar let me know how it will work out.


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Do you mean the extra light cut? I would say, it is dependent from the printer. But I doubt, that it is comfortably legible. And what’s the message? True or false modesty?

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Ya, Extra Light 7 pt with 60 tracking color #595959 to be specific. It's for a photographer and it needs to look clean/modern if that answers your last questions.

I'm hoping that a good printer, working with thick stock, will be able to make it how I want.

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I cant see you having any problems - only thing that may affect the out come is the colour of the font and then only if it is an extremely light tint.

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