Help me help myself - matching sans & serifs

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Hey all, fairly general question - surrounding an area I'd love to know more about.

In selecting complimentary sans and serifs (successfully) what, in general, are you looking for?

same page tone? x-height? and so on?

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A few things to look for are fonts that look similar, fonts that were designed by the same designer, or fonts that were designed in the same time period. The book *The Elements of Typographic Style* by Robert Bringhurst is a great book that has a chapter on choosing and combining type.

A few good serif and sanserif combination's are; Haas Claredon and Helvetica, Memphis and Futura, Berthold Bodoni and Futura, Meridien and Frutiger, as well as Syntax and Minion, .

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Thanks Eric.

Aside from TEoTS, any other required reading on perfecting the art?
I've got a copy of it and find it endlessly useful, it'd just be nice to have an additional book of knowledge to leech from.


I've recently decided that I have for too long (generally) only focussed on typography for logos, which is a totally different matter. Bring on the naivety!

Thanks again.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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