Printing on transparent mylar plastic film, with white underprinter

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I have a project where I'd like to show this concept to a client (they use a lot of translucency in their brand, so this would be a great way to show it off, and make a cool piece). The piece itself is a pocket folder, but the transparent layer, with its white underprinter to create areas of solid color could just be the outside of the folder and bound to it, or act as a slip cover.

Can anyone point me to good online examples of this technique? I really don't want to have to go drop $300 at the Japanese book store to show the client what this looks like, I only have a couple books at home that use it, but nothing like the fantastic ones I've seen from Japan.

I'm not even sure its actually mylar plastic being used, so I'm having trouble even getting anywhere with good. The word transparent plastic is too common to make for good searching.


This is a reasonable example of what I am looking for more examples of.

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I can't help you with examples, but the plastic is probably not mylar. It's most likely polycarbonate, or polyester, both of which come in grades made for screen or offset printing (I work for a company that has a division that distributes the stuff). Makrofol is the brand of polycarbonate we sell. I'm not sure what the polyester is.

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I came across a site that had a bunch of examples of stuff done on polypropylene, which I hadn't heard of before, but evidently is common. Seems there's lots you can do with it.

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