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What do you all think?

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It is very clever from compositional and geometrical perspective, but conceptually it's a door that opens into the darkness. That has kind of an odd vibe to it.

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Minor crit. was that I wonder if the door handle will be legible at smaller sizes

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I like it; If I were to see it by itself, I wouldn't be sure what industry it belongs to. I'm guessing since it is for you personally, it is for your design service? Otherwise, I relate the door to other types of business. Maybe the tag line could help tie it together.

Overall the mark is strong. Perhaps moving the handle slightly away from the edge of the door would be better.


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Thanks for the feedback. It is a logo for me personally as a designer. I'm primarily a web designer, so I don't do traditional branding very often.

I could see the "door to darkness" as being slightly eerie, maybe (like Kate suggested) a very clear and clever tag line could tie it all together.

I want to say, "broadening your horizons" or "taking you where you didn't think you could go" in a much less cliche and/or grammatically sloppy way.

The door handle is a point of frustration for me, but it is definitely needed in order to communicate that it is a door. Maybe slightly larger and away from the edge would do the trick.


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devil's advocate time ... do you really feel you need a logo?

what's it adding?

'taking you further' isn't a bad approach...but does a catchy new phrase require a logo treatment to communicate the idea?

Paul Ducco
Design Studio Melbourne

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That's a strong logomark on its own. I'd say well done.


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To Paul: Maybe I don't need a new logo. I'm more doing it so that I can improve my skills, and it seemed like a logical starting point. I've never had a personal mark that I felt comfortable with and proud of, so this was a way of doing that. But I see your point that many people want logos or icons when they really aren't necessary.

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