Disappearing type?

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I am working on a school project on a photo magasine with the theme of Disappearance.

I am looking for a font that somehow can have some connection with the theme dissapearance.
Maybe a very minimal or experimantal font that plays with the illusion of dissapperance….
anyone have any tips?
would really appreciate it! :)


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What format will this be? The first thing that comes to mind is blind embossing.

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Have a look at FF You can read me, where parts of the letters are diappearing, but the typeface itself stays quite visible.

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Yes blind embossing came to my mind too.

Or perhaps you might try something like this type: (WORN) where there is such a large contrast between thick/thin that the thins disappear.


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Thanks guys :)

pennANDink: I really like the the WORN typeface , do you know where it's possible to buy it?

speter: That sound like a good idea, but unfortunatly it is a school assignment without any budget, so I'm limited to print.

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Disappears in parts …

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How about a typeface that's not there?

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You can order Worn from HERE (5th from the top)


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thanx guys.

I think the UMBRA type kind of symbolises that it´s already gone, and not disappearing.. but maybe I could do some experimemts with taking a typeface like that and making only some of it "dissappear".

pennANDink: I found another typeface that´s free that works with the same kind of principles... :)

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Careful use of History will give you the same possibilites you get with Worn, and a lot more.

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thanks :)

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Maybe go with type that is actually disappearing from the world, losing it's relevance etc? Ok probably not, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway. Good luck with your project.

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BasDirks: That´s a good idea, but maybe a little bit too abstract for this project. Could be a fun thing to work with on another occasion.. maybe next assignment should be working on which classic typefaces are dissapearing and why. Maybe a re-design/uppdate project. :p thanx

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