Cutting edge fonts?

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One of my students has just asked me "Can't you show me 5-6 new, cutting edge fonts that really kick a..". I was just in the middle of a lecture on classic typography and my first answer was "duh... I'll get back to you on that one".

Could you help me out with a few fonts?


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What for? So that he (the student) knows what to use to do cutting edge design?

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MyFonts/Veer/FontHouse/Etc newsletters?

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Our favourite typefaces of 2008, for example. They go back to 2006, I think.

spacecadetjoe's picture has some of the flyest shit i've seen lately

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By the time you told them, those typefaces would already have lost their edge...

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You should have them clarify exactly what "cutting edge" means to them, because the interpretation of that is too vague.

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Cut/Curved Counter typefaces are kind of cutting edge (literally)

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