Punctuation and meaning?

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Hello all!

I haven't been here for a while so I hope you don't think me rude dropping in like this. I have come to pick your brains further!

About a year and half ago, I proposed my MA research plan here, which was to investigate what punctuation is. Naturally, I came at the project from a typographic background, considered it a tool of typography and a direction post through written language (emphasis, meaning, emotion).

I've covered lots of areas such as: type, historical, cultural, social, performance, ethnographic and empirical research and now I feel I've arrived at all this information and not really sure how to work through it. (I'm not asking for help don't worry!)

A tutor has said I've become an expert in the subject (though I beg to differ!) and has asked me to create a project that reflects unspoken signs through everyday life (like door handles, how do we know how to use them? A social acceptance of an unspoken rule.) This is supposed to help bring some of the research into a designed form such as a book and I think from their view, help give an insight into the research exploration.

Also I need to document my creative process/research process. The thing is, I follow my intuition and have never questioned my creative view point as I've just let it take its course. Which I guess you can't really put down on a PhD application!

So have any of you ever questioned your creative process or tried to document how you work through thought processes? I know I sound a bit 'willy nilly' and I really love researching, I just for the life of me, go blank when I start thinking about how I make decisions relating to design!


P.S. I also have my research diagram if anyone is interested in taking a look. I haven't got all of my sources on it as it wouldn't fit! :)

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