Using OpenType Features to Reorder Glyphs

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I've tried several different approaches to effectively reorder glyphs, mostly by using chaining contextual substitutions but I've had only partial success.

Rather than explain the different methods I've tried, is there someone who has done this successfully and can give me an example of how to do this?
I'm using the latest version of AFDKO (with full support for all GSUB types) under OS X 10.4.11 and testing in InDesign CS3.

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You'll probably need to provide more information on what sort of reordering you are trying to achieve. Are the relevant glyphs adjacent or nonadjacent? How long are the glyph strings involved? That sort of thing.

Note also that AFAIK InDesign doesn't actually implement all of the GSUB types supported by AFDKO 2.5.


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InDesign -- except in the Middle East versions -- does not support one-to-many (GSUB LookupType 2) substitutions, which will seriously hinder your efforts.


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