SoCal Type Fanatics

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OK, that's enough Northern lillies doing shout-outs...

Who do we got from Greater LA County and adjacent?
I'm in Glendale - I know, I know...


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FYI, airfare LA to/from New Orleans around TypeCon-time just took a precipitous price drop! I just got my round-trip ticket for $289 (including everything). That price is valid departing before the Friday (including mid-morning or evening flights on Thursday) and returning after the Sunday (including an early-morning flight on Monday, arriving mid-morning into LA). It's Delta airlines.

See you there!



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wow, i didn't know there were many other type nerds such as myself in my area. I'm from Glendale, I used to go to Art Center in Pasadena. I'm a hand-letterer and obsessed with all things type.

to hrant: BAREV!

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Barev, eh? :-) I can tell you live in Glendale, AKA "New Armenia"... and it should be no surprise that I live there too.

ArtCenter is cool. I used to teach a type design night class there.


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I'm moving to San Diego in August and would very much be interested in meeting up with like minded designers/type n3rds once I get settled!

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