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Hi everyone

I am designing another wedding monogram for a client.
The couple's name is Charlie and Allison.
They like clean and modern.

Which version do you think best works.
Your thoughts on improving it.
If either one works for you, just let me know.

thanks for your feedbacks everyone.


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More than modern, I'd say futuristic! ;-)
The second one is too abstract. The first one works better, but the "a" predominates, which maybe isn't the best effect for a wedding...
Have you thoght something constructed like æ?

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you are correct, they are too futuristic.
i have a few other ideas i am brewing up right now.


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I was doodling (as in non-business/commissioned free-doodle)something based on CA too.

A simple presentation of the monogrammed CA in a stylised shape of heart.


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You might consider cutting the left leg of the "A" so that the "C" is more apparent. Other than that, I think you're on the right track with this second set.


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Love the second set. I think the left one reads better as initials, since the letters are upright, but the right hand one makes sense tilted in a heart shape. I think it is OK that the initials are more subtle when tilted to make a normal heart shape.

I can totally see this repeated as a faint pattern in the wedding stationery, napkins, etc.

Very appropriate that it makes a heart, and the letters are intertwined / woven together. Great concept.


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nagfa: pardon my language, but…


the big cloud of ideas DOES exist and we all take from it!

I was doodling the same thing. now awaiting their feedbacks


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thanks again everyone for your feedbacks and insights.
let's hope my client will sign off on this idea and we can proceed.


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