sans with single-story versions of the letter g

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Which one is your favorite one?

I know that this is a very broad question... but I am very interested in hearing different opinions on this. I did use the search engine here to answer this as well, but have not found a similar topic so far. If anyone remembers of something similar being posted and asnwered on Typophile please let me know. I would highly appreciate it!

Encyclopedia of Typefaces says that grotesks that follow the German or continental model use a single storey ’g’ while grotesques that follow the traditional English pattern use a double storey ’g’. This difference is the basis of grotesque (double storey) and neo-grotesque (single storey) as separate classifications. (Which was posted by
long time ago Mr. Ben Archer and I thank him for answering that question!)

Well; there is also a variety of the humanist sans serif typefaces with single-story versions of g (like Eras, Rotis, Myriad, Stone Sans...). There is probably more in this category, but unfortunately I can not find any of them... Any idea?

The one that I like the best so far is Officina's lowercase g...


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