My uppercase account

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i paid for the uppercase account like 3.5 weeks ago... anny word on when i can get access?

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much appreciated, i hope i get my tshirt soon ;P

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oh yeah, me too. If you would Zara... :-)

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**Gushing & Blushing Love & Good Feelings!**

Cheers mate!

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Wow! this is almost better than Christmas! I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

I bet Zara didn't even imagine we could be such geeks when she decided to join the team... :-)

Thanks guys!

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oh happy day

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why am I happy to have my address displayed in a forum now?

Because I'm about to get some serious good sh*t! :-)

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Oh no! I just paid my uppercase fee a few days ago

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I will look into this for you ASAP.


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Happy August 27th Mike, Jes

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Yippee! Mail that I really want!

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>>I bet Zara didn't even imagine we could be such geeks

Don't worry, I've always known how geeky you all are, however I am proud to be quite the geek myself.

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