A collection of automobile logos / Photos by Jesse Chehak

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Check out this link. Its a photographers portfolio (Jesse Chehak) of car model logos. They are photos of the typography of the actual model (Astro, Blazer, Camaro, Dart, Electra..etc). Besides being a very nice typographic reference, they are pretty decent photos.


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Thanks. When I look at a collection of these together, I'm struck by the similarity to letterpress type: The designers had to create something that could be fabricated out of metal.
I'm partial to the logos from the 60s (Swinger, Electra 225, Impala), partly because they are more obviously drawn by hand--and a very talented hand, too. But I also like the exuberance of US automotive design before the oil embargo of the 1970s. Everything that came out of Detroit in the 60s shouted big, fast, and sexy.

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This is awesome (although the side scrolling is a bit annoying).

For more stuff like this, check out www.cartype.com

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