chinese traditional fonts not appearing on adobe illustrator/photoshop cs4

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good evening, i'm new to this forum.

i have a bunch of chinese traditional and simplified fonts given to me by a designer while i was with my ex-company and i didn't install them till now. i am on windows xp and have adobe illustrator/photoshop cs4 as well as microsoft office programs. both chinese traditional and simplified fonts appears on microsoft office programs but on adobe illustrator/photoshop, only the simplified versions are showing.

the characters i want to use is showing on other original fonts already in the pc. i have tried googling for help but it seems futile.

i have uploaded a font that i would really like to use [linked removed by the moderator].

please help if you can! thank you very much!


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Posting other peoples' fonts is generally frowned on around here. That said, the TTF file seems to be blocked:

You might have better luck with a legal copy.


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The blockage has nothing to do with the font source -- well, almost nothing. It's a default warning for any "downloaded content".

It seems to me this font doesn't really comply to accepted font standards -- the Windows Font Property Viewer can't find any of character/unicode info, version, creation date/time, font face and family name, copyright, or anything. However, checking with more advanced (cough) software reveals at least some of this information, as I noticed its default name consists of Chinese characters. Its "PostScript Name" is shown as "By JOSSQ-DMF in BeiJing", which is definitely a 'what-the-h*!?' (PostScript names do not allow spaces).

All of this may, or may not, be the problem.

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I was under the impression that spaces in PostScript font names were more WTF than WTH... :-)

But yes, that is likely the problem.

Dr. Ken Lunde
Senior Computer Scientist, CJKV Type Development
Adobe Systems Incorporated

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older version of Chinese ttf fonts doesn't play well after photoshop 6/illustrator 7.

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