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Hi Guys :-)

I created this mock up type treatment for a logo. It's only really for practice in letterform construction, but I'd really appreciate your feedback on it, so as to tighten it up. Looking at it now, I'm starting to think the 'a' is optically a little narrow. What do you think?


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hey luke,
i always hafta start with a disclaimer when i critique
so here it is: i'm no expert so take all advice with a grain of salt.
that said, i think you've got a good start here.
very clean, crips letter forms. i find the a is particularly interesting.
one thing i noticed: the modulation on the e and s is not as well done as the a, n and r.
put a bit more stress on those letters and perhaps in the crook of the f.

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I like it, too.. ( As paul already stated, especially the 'a'.. Maybe you should try to incorporate some more of the 'a' letter forms into the 'e'.. )

By the way, there is a mighty bank in Austria, named 'Raiffeisen'.. :-)

Edit.: The 'a' slightly reminds me of 'Pill Gothic', by fellow Typophile Christian Robertson..

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I like it, my only concern is the letter 'r' it looks like the letter 'n' cut in half. Give it some distinction. I think you should incorporate some elements from the letter 'a' on to the letter 'r'. BTW, ditto on Paul's disclaimer.


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Also, maybe you should strengthen the terminal on the letter 'a' it looks a little flimsy. maybe if you made it a litte wider or shorter, play around with it.


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