Super Grotesk: matching italic

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... as the title suggests, I'm on the search for a italic/oblique that matches FF's Super Grotesk close enough to look akin.

FB's 'Nobel' is on the plate and looks almost just right - if it wasn't for the difference in weight. 'Nobel book' is too light to fit, 'Nobel Regular' feels almost bold.

Does anyone know similar typefaces that might come close?

(top to bottom: SG-faux, Nobel-Book, Nobel-Reg)

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You could try one of the million versions of Futura.

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I think you should go for another geometric sans, if you need obliques/italics.
Futura, Nobel, Verlag …
Or a horrible "solution", slant it electronically …

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With Neutraface 2 you have the same issues as a "Super Grotesk Italic".

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