Which san-serif's compliments futura condensed?

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Previous I've asked about serif fonts but the client has just told me serif aren't what they are looking for (dont ask!)

I could use futura condensed BT throughout but I like to mix things up, any suggestions?

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I would probably stick with a different weight/width of Futura. Adding in another sans could be like putting margarine and butter on the same piece of toast.

Is futura condensed going to be for headers?

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It could depend upon the size relationship you will be using.

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At the moment I'm using Futura BT medium for the body text at 8pt and bold for headers also at 8pt and I'm getting a nice result. I may well stick with Futura there are enough weights to carry it. Thanks guys I'll try to stick up the results for you to check out thanks for your help

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