WIRED magazine masthead and body font??

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Hi everyone,

I did search for this in the forum, but couldn't locate it.

Does anyone know the typeface used for "WIRED" magazines masthead and body and headings?

The masthead looks like mix of sans serif and a slab/humanist/geometric

Any help would well....help!!


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They are using custom-designed typefaces by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

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thanks for the reply Chris.


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I remember discussing this and when I did a search for 'wired" Node 60752 popped up first. Some of the type at the time was a custom typeface called Tungsten from H&FJ but that was just released last month.

Here is a cover image for good measure.

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You're welcome Simon. For an alternative to the modern slab they're using I'd suggest Morgan Avec.

Good catch Jeff. Tungsten slipped my mind.

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