Adjusting Font Width

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Hey everyone,

I originally typeset a role-playing game (yeah, sort of like Dungeons and Dragons) 5 years ago that I wish to refresh with a new edition. I have considerably more knowledge about the ins and outs of typesetting and am pretty sure I can do a better job now. :)

The original book used Palatino, but I adjusted the width to 92.5%. I really love how Palatino reads, and it has a more playful vitality than most Serif alternatives. However, it's a space hog, and this is how I dealt with it.

I've tried Palatino's text companion, Aldus, but it just doesn't read as nicely to me. Is adjusting a font's width a real faux pas? Or is a certain amount justifiable, and if so, how much?

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I've personally regarded it as a 'no-no' because I've seen it abused so many times. Depending on the application, often I'll adjust the tracking/kerning or simply re-size the font to a smaller (yet readable) size to accommodate more text.

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Some fonts withstand some squooshing. Most don't. Of course, your audience might not even notice it so you *could* get away with it. But then we'd track you down and torture you.

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Only if you rolled the correct dice, Miss Tiffany.

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