Where to study typography in Germany???

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I've just finished my studies in graphic design and wanted to really learn how to design type. I was looking for a good typography school in Germany. Could anyone help me out please....

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Just three links for you to check.

prof. Wolfgang Beinert

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hiccup! sorry!

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Dude, I am definitely the person to ask.

I graduated from RISD in the United States (BFA Graphic Design 2001), and am now studying typography in Germany.

First of all, be prepared for a lot of beaurocracy, which will often be contradictory.

If you already have a bachelor's degree, you may be able to transfer halfway into a German Diplom program. German Diploms are technically equivalent to Masters' Degrees, even though the British have recently challenged this. Almost all German college students graduate with this one degree, which normally takes anywhere from 4 to six years to complete. The German government is trying to phase in BAs and MAs, but it hasn't hit the serious art schools yet.

In order to study graphic design as anything other than an exchange student for a semester or two, you must speak German. You must pass exams. Some states require you to have already passed the exams before you can even apply, like Baden-Würrtemberg.

Some states will charge you a 500 Euro per semester tuition fee, because you already have a foreign degree, like Nordrhein-Westfalen. German higher education is still generaly free, but I would be willing to bet that this would change while you would be enrolled. Be prepared to have to spend more money than expected to finish your degree if you start one.

There are two types of university in Germany, Universit

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Hello Dan,
just a question about the HfG OF (only general interest): I heart that there was a so called "Schriftklasse" (I think teached by Prof. Hoefer), and that this Schriftklasse was given up some years ago. Do you know sth. about that?

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Karlgeorg Hoefer has been dead for over four years, unfortunately. He taught at the HfG Of for decades, from the end of WWII until his retirement in 1979. Calligraphy has not been taught at the HfG since the late 1980s, at least. Type design hasn't been really taught there either since the early 1990s (and won't ever be again, so I hear), evern though a lot of students engage in a bit of it

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Markus, I just read your profile, and noticed that you are just around the corner in Darmstadt (I live in Wiesbaden). Do you study there?

For a few months now, a few students from the HfG and I have been organizing regular Typo-Stammtisch evenings in FFM/Sachsenhausen. Our next one is one is on Tuesday the 31st, and if you are even the least bit interested in type design, your should come. (This invitation goes for anyone else who might be in the Rhein-Main area, and reading this!)

Mehr Info zum Typostammtish: http://www.typeoff.de/typostammtisch

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Thank you very much Dan. This will help me alot. It really looks complicated to study in Germany but I speak german and have a german pass. I'm sure that just by speaking the language it will help a lot. Do you think that with the german pass things might be easier???

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Dan, thanks for all the info. I was aware that K. G. Hoefer died some years ago. It's a pity, that type design education has become less important in Offenbach since his retirement (there are not so many cultural highlights in this city anyway in my opinion, and the Schriftklasse was said to have a high reputation).

I am not a design professional -- I studied in Darmstadt, but nothing related to art. Nevertheless I am interested in the Stammtisch (thanks for the invitation), but unfortunately I am on a move away from Darmstadt next week, since I finished my studies. So probably I won't have the time to visit Sachsenhausen.


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A German pass? You mean passport, right? You are a German citizen? This will make things a little easier

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I was thinking to begin in July next year, so that I would have enough time to get a little bit more working experience and a better portfolio. Also because of all the stupid beaurocracy. Do you think it is to much time??

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Semesters usually begin during either September/October or March/April

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