Mr. Eaves Sans and Modern

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Mr. Eaves Sans and Modern from Emigre. Partners for Mrs. Eaves. Thank you Zuzana.

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I know. I've been oogaling at them all day. Very lovely.

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Note that it's *Mister* Eaves Sans and Modern.

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Thanks Kent.

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Looks very cool. especially the italics.

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Poor Mr Eaves is missing out on Mrs Eaves' Serifs.

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I liked Mrs Eaves when it was just Mrs Eaves.
Couldn't they just fix the spacing instead of adding more stuff?

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The Missus says: "The distinctly loose-fitting letter spacing of Mrs Eaves was applied also to the Sans version." I read that she is of the opinion that it's not a bug, it's a feature.


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Well look at it yourself, and think about whether it's only loose, or if it's just not very good. I know what I think.
(Not that I can space better, but you know.)

(Disclaimer: I don't have Mrs Eaves – this is from a PDF sent to me by someone who does, and who I trust didn't mess with the metrics.)

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Mrs. Eaves Sans Heavy Italic looks really nice

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@altaira: I don't have it either. But Myfonts confirms your observation. It is in the font:

Interestingly, the problem doesn't exist in Mrs. Eaves XL:

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I am not sure that class kerning works in MyFonts rendering, it could be just an absence of kerning ...

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Now there are two versions of a sans serif Baskerville:
This one and the one by Frantisek Storm:

Totally different though…


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It would be pretty interesting to see the typeface in use in a long text. Is there a place we can get it? It's hard to appreciate the spacing or kerning with “Emigre typetease” or by the image they show on their website.

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Pieter: Actually, three (though this third isn't for sale): Henderson Sans.

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It would be pretty interesting to see the typeface in use in a long text.

If you buy Emigre fonts they’re pretty good about sending printed specimens a few weeks after a big release.

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