Collecting type specimens leads to the wrong design attitude

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So says Mark Boulton:

When I was in uni­ver­sity, I sent off for every type spe­ci­men sheet I could get my hands on…. Receiv­ing the can­vas bags stuffed with font sup­ple­ments from T26 was cer­tainly a high­light of my first year. Why? Well, firstly, type sup­ple­ments are nor­mally beau­ti­ful things. They didn’t neces­sar­ily make me look at type any dif­fer­ently, but they made me want to col­lect type…. [I]t’s a mind­set that leads to a shal­low under­stand­ing of the broader craft. You get dis­trac­ted by the next beau­ti­ful typeface. You’re con­stantly on the search for the typeface that is just right. Font choice is not the most import­ant decision you make when design­ing with type.

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Now you tell me!

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Yeah, and in boldface no less.

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Stop sniping my eBay bids!!!

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Give us BLOCKQUOTE and we won’t have to approximate.

Joe Clark

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