Deleon Tequila fonts (small serif and script headings)

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Two images attached for reference. The script is Bickham-esque but curlier. The serif is very small but still reads nicely. any ideas what these are?

images attached as well.

here is the site:


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The script seems to be Snell Roundhand.

I think the slab caps are Kontrapunkt, a free font.

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awesome. both are spot on. thanks!

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"The Family" is Kontrapunkt. Note the free download links.

Edit: I really need to slow down today... completely missed Jan's ID.

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Note the free download links.
Unfortunately the link to the zip file is dead.

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Hmmm, that is where I got them a few years ago.

Here is a link for Kontrapunkt on Font Squirrel.

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It works great. Thank you.

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