What serif compliments futura condensed?

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Hey Everyone,

This is my first post so I look forward to you responses. I'm creating a marketing campaign for a art exhibition in which I've used Futura BT extra black condensed for the main title and I need a body text font to compliment it in the brochure and leaflets.

I'm looking for a highly leigable serif font any suggestions? I've dabbled with Scala but I'm not sure if the balance is right.

Thanks guys

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Thank you Century Old Style is a font I saw was recommended in another post. I will definitely give it a go, any other contenders?

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Somehow, Utopia and Melior spring to mind.

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Caslon's a good mix.

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I'm feeling a bit of Caslon and Utopia is lovely thanks guys.

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palatino looks good and clean with futura. i've been using that pair for years and the readers of the magazine have to digest large amounts of technical and somewhat dry info, but it provides good page contrast without being too exotic.

i also partner it with rockwell for infographics. still readable but the styles are limited, you may have to force the bold (.25 to .5 stroke of same color) and italic (10% slant) as a menu style in indesign.

In the spirit of unbridled creativity,

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