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Here's a new display font I have in the works. Inspired by a Herb Lubalin poster I just discovered online.
Any comments or critiques?

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I really dig your font. A few of the characters have legibility issues... but who cares!

I do have a question...

The font seems slightly different between the poster and the pdf specimen. Did you alter the font in Illustrator/Photoshop for the poster? Or is it a different version/weight of the font? I definitely think it benefits from a little breathing space in the counters, which also improves the legibility quite a bit (not that legibility matters, really).

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Thanks. The poster on flickr is a Herb Lubalin poster, not mine. I referred to it for guidance on certain letters when I made my font (the pdf). I was not attempting to recreate the poster's characters into a font. although, maybe i should try and offer that as another style in the family!

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Oh... OK... now I get it. I guess I skipped a few words when I read it.

It could definitely use more negative space. At smaller sizes, the hairline counters disappear.

X and Y look the same at small sizes.

The height of counters and serifs aren't consistent across the alphabet. Half of the letters have short counters, the other half have tall counters.

The lowercase letters are nice. Really nice. The "r" seems a bit weak, but I'm not sure how it could be improved.

Of course, this isn't a text font and I feel that if most of the letters are workable, then it's a victory.

I think if you open up the counters and let them breathe a bit, that will make a huge difference.


On a side note, if you have time, could you take a look at a font I did and give a few words of feedback?

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