New Renaissance Hotels logo - 'R' with big swoopy foot and sans-serif

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Hi folks. Need some help ID'ing the fonts in the new Renaissance Hotels logo. Apologies for the small sample; it's the only one I could get:

So, any ideas for the sans-serif there? My guess is the 'R' is a custom jobbie, but if anyone could suggest what font it may have started off as (if any), I'd greatly appreciate it.

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It's hard to tell at that size, but the sans could be News Gothic (although the C looks like it's a bit more open)

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Y'know, I think you're on to something there. I'll have to mess with the kerning a bit, and both the 'C' and the 'R' look custom, but it's definitely a good place to start. Thanks!

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the sans serif below is called oceania, i found it on ...

it looks like marriott hotels in general use that font on a lot of their marketing materials.

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Cool! Thanks!

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Also, I was able to approximate the 'R' using ITC Giovanni as a template. Maybe not perfect, but good enough.

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