OpenType: "randomly" not applying a ligature; possible?

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Hey guys. I'm working on some OpenType funnies for a project where I replace letter combinations with ligatures that contain visual "dirt", or are actually misspellings, or interfere with the text around it. This is easy: in the liga feature I sub the combos. But here's the thing. The combinations happen every single time, so a pattern still surfaces. If I can loop through a list of three or four variations for a few of the more common ones, it won't be so obvious and people will bang their head to the wall in irritation a lot more effectively.

I've tried wrapping my mind around the "Phinney" OpenType randomisation bit, but if that's the method, could someone give me a pointer as to how to get that? I sure as hell don't right now.

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You might want to contact Silas Dilworth at TypeTrust about this. He developed an OpenType pseudo-randomizer based on the LIGA features for my Black Monday typeface, so he might be able to cook up something that will scramble the hell out of your ligatures.

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