Futuristic Hybrid Blackletter Stencil

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OK... don't hold back. This is still very much in the conceptual stage. I want to get feedback and assistance before I do the fine tuning.

I also have a few questions.

1. How is the ratio of height/width?

2. What degree of angle should I use for all the diagonals? Does it look weird to mix it up a little?

3. Do the ambicase styles of "N" and "Y" work?

4. Should I slightly angle vertical and horizontal lines to compensate for optical distortions?

Thanks for taking a look!


** EDITED Oct.19.2009: changed title from "Blackletter Stencil" **

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I think it looks quite interesting, although its looks a bit more like a 'techno' font than a fraktur. A, O and T do have real fraktur characteristics, the rest is more hybrid. This is fine, if that's what your going for. I think it is also hard because fraktur typefaces are hardly ever set in all caps (except perhaps for one or two words) and for good reason: it is almost illegible in all caps! So I guess if you want to make this work as caps only you will have to go for this kind of hybrid.

I can't answer all your specific question (simply cause I don't know) but I'll give my voice on some.

1. I think this is pretty good, it's got enough light in it to keep it legible.
3. I think this looks nice, and if your going for a hybrid, this would fit.

Good luck with it and keep us posted on your progress


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No doubt, it turned out heavily on the techno side. I started out with a mix of curves and angles. I let the characters resolve their differences between themselves. As it turns out, they voted curves off the island.

Thanks for the feedback.

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wow... I like this a lot..

the only thing that I have some troubles is the square in the A.
it reminds me of and Adolf H.-moustache... perhaps it is because it is the letter A.
Keep up the good work!!

did you try the A and O like this?

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Good look, Kay! Thanks for the feedback! Your changes are good ones. That brings "A" and "O" closer to the rest of the glyphs. Alas, I have put this typeface on hold for awhile which I look for a job.

I'm just starting out with FontLab and designing my own fonts. I think I will work on something more conventional before revisiting this face. And, of course, anything I work on will be posted here to get all the help I possibly can. I will hit you up for feedback in the future, if you don't mind.

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yes please do..

and I should start working on a new font myself too.

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