Can Quark open InDesign programs? Or vice versa?

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Hello! I am a student studying type in a few of my classes.

I am an InDesign user. I find that it is way more user-friendly than Quark is, and it is more efficent to use all Adobe programs.

However, my school only uses Quark. In the past, I've been using InDesign in the developing stages, before doing the final work on Quark. Yes, that's how much I can't stand Quark!

As the workload is increasing (this is my junior year), it's getting to be too cumbersome to hop between the two programs.

Is there a way to export documents out of InDesign so Quark can open them? Or vice versa? I've tried to figure out a way, but unsuccessfully. I was wondering if anyone could shed light on this.


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Quark can't really do much with InDesign files. You could save your Indesign files as PDFs and place them in InDesign if you had to.

As for Quark files, InDesign can open Quark files saved as Quark 4, but not 5 or 6.

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Try ID2Q: However I don't have any experience with it.

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InDesign can open QuarkXPress 3.3 and 4 files.
ID2Q is reportedly less than thrilling. If you absolutely have to get InDesign material into QuarkXPress, then you shoul dgive it a whirl. But based on user reports on the BlueWorld InDesign mailing list, I would not want to make it a regular, ongoing workflow.



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It is kind of like converting a Mercedes into a Ford. It is a pain to do and the results look more like a Hugo.

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