Is it just me? *grumble*

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I'm pretty new around this forum, but I'm already deeply annoyed by all the posts in the Type ID forums that have utterly 100% generic subject headers like "Help identify this font", "What is this type?", "ID Please", etc. Aaaaaarggh!

Make it go away!

Just kidding. I know it won't ever end, but jeez...

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On the other hand, those titles are indicative of how valuable Typophile is to the community at large.

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I guess font IDs come largely from people who do not hang around here on a regular basis. So all "education" is kind of fighting windmills.
I for one don't mind, on the contrary: Since i watch the Typophile forums via RSS feed in Firefox a line like "What's this bl**dy font" tells me more than "Miniblock", which could be an ID or a release or something completely different.

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Doesn’t really bother me either. Fontgrube, just curious as to why you censored the word “bloody” in your post. Is it considered profanity when used in that context where you live?

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Must be from England :-)


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@Ed_Aranda: AFAIK the software behind many web forums filters non-pc words, so I wouldn't run the risk ;-) In my view it is rather a damn **** US obsession with sex and crime.

Let's see if this goes through :-)

(As for where I live: it depends on how you translate it)


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Ok, damn and sex went through. The **** was "f*cking".
Now who is obsessed with "profanity"? :-)))

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[post deleted by author]

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