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I was looking through
<a href=""> Giampa & Lanston Type </a> and came across this page - .

It says

" The display shown on the right is using the multiple colour fonts. There is a single colour and other version of this font.

Colours are to be determined by the designer.

How do multiple color fonts work?


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Usually it's just the same font, but with different parts located in different font files. So you might have one font that serves as the background color (looks normal), then another font that makes an inline color (just looks like a bunch of partial flimsy letters). Layer them exactly on top of each other, pick your colors for each layer, and veeeooolla.


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After I thought about it for awhile I figured that might be what was up.

Basically it would be different "letters" with the same kernning on top of one another.


Thanks Alan.


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Yeah, my explanation did require a bit of unscrambling. It's basically just different parts of the same font put in different layers. LTR Federal is a great example of this.

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