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Hello typophiles!
Cocijotype has a new type release, Miniblock, designed by Manolo Guerrero, this typeface is defined by its counters and has a labyrinthic style. It's available at MyFonts.

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Clever, or at least very close to clever.

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Unfortunately I couldn't upload any picture to the forum.

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Not clever clever, not clever, but definitely close to clever.

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Just saw your CocijoType website and I felt it's not working properly. You gotta see that cause it's difficult to view the site contents.

Anyway I'm a fan of the psychedelic 60's concert posters, so I felt good seeing Optical and Miniblock.
Barrilito seems also nice :)

Good work.

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Thank you terminal design, we are working on a new version of Miniblock.
esphera, thank you for letting us know that about the site, it doesn't work in internet explorer yet and some contents hasn't been uploaded, regards.

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No problem :)

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